Friday, November 15, 2019

Fencing in Van Alstyne, Tx

It was a pleasure to build an affordable, middle of the road budget cedar fence in Van Alstyne,  Texas for The Carnley Family. The Carnleys had a brand new pool installed after which I came in and built the fence for privacy, however on the back side The Carnleys didnt want to obstruct their view so they opted for 4 ft tall black chan link fencing. 
On this particular fence, I installed heavy pipe posts (instead of tubing posts from the big box stores) and I set them 3' deep in the ground with a wide auger.  If you are looking for a fencing company and Van Alstyne Texas please keep in mind that the soil in North Texas in some of the world's worst on any kind of a foundation or footing and it is extremely important to make sure the post are set deep in the ground.
 The carnally's also selected number 2 and better grade Cedar pickets to save a little money on the budget. These pickets are a decent choice if you are on a budget I buy a whole lot extra in order to cull out a lot of the badd ones so that you get a good wiat's for less money. A lot of contractors will not take the extra time to cull out badd lumber. I cull out pickets that have soft knots and large splits. I also call out those that have waning. Waning does not take stain very well. Van Alstyne Texas fence companies and contractors who are quite particular, like myself want things done the way I would want it done at my own house.
We chose  Premium rough cut Cedar 2 by 4 rails since they last longer, look better, and do not warp like the cheap ones do.  I also installed a 2 by 6 treated pine rot board along the bottom of the fence in order to keep the Cedar pickets from rotting as well as the weed eater from tearing up the Cedar pickets.

Testimonial from the homeowner, Cliff Carnley;



Thanks Mike for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drive by this fence in van alstyne tx and see it for yourself!

186 Glen Circle Rd S
186 Glen Circle Rd S, Van Alstyne, TX 75495

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